Our Services

Cabinet Refinishing

Breathing new life into your old kitchen cabinets is our main business.  We’ve been refinishing cabinets for nearly 2 decades and have developed a process that transforms your cabinets with a factory finish.  We have a wide variety of colors to choose from as well as the ability to customize a unique look for your kitchen.  Whether you choose a one color finish or a custom glaze, we can make the old cabinets in your kitchen look new again.


Crown molding, new baseboard, finish pieces and other light carpentry work will help make your kitchen look new again without having to break the bank.  Altering existing cabinetry, building additional cabinets and installing decorative elements are all part of what we do to transform the look of your kitchen.

Hardware Replacement

Hinges which hide inside your cabinet as well as decorative hardware all add to the updated look you want for your kitchen.

Cabinet Repair

Quality cabinets last a long time and are often subjected to quite a bit of wear.  Before refinishing any homeowner’s cabinetry, our skilled refinishers make a full inspection for any repairs which need to be made. When your cabinets are completed, they look as good as they possibly can.